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Are you a gymnastics coach aspiring to achieve a higher performance level in the future for yourself and the gymnasts you teach?

Do you struggle to make sense of all of the different ideas and options available for tackling technique and methodology?

Have the results that you're getting become stagnant, and you're not sure what's holding you back?

Would you love to be taught technique and methodology in a simple, easy to understand way, using easy to visualise, slow motion technology?

Would you love to spend time in a welcoming, safe, judgement-free environment where you can relax into learning without being assessed or scrutinised?

Would you love to deepen your understanding of skill acquisition so you can connect the dots between hundreds of skills in gymnastics?


Then my 2024 Masterclass Events are for you.

I'll teach you technique, methodology and coaching philosophies that will give you the clarity and confidence to up-skill your athletes. And I'll do it in a safe, welcoming environment which is optimised for learning, and enjoyment.

It could change the way you coach forever.

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Our 2024 Events

All events take place between 10am and 5pm


with Nick Ruddock

The 2024 Bars Masterclass will cover transition skills from low bar to high bar, and high bar to low bar, including Shoot Down, Mo, Ezhova and Pac.

​We'll cover the important principles, technique and methodology of these skills so you leave the Masterclass with clarity of how you'd approach these elements in the gym.

We'll also cover the important preparation work required to advance to these skills, to make sure you're not moving too fast or missing any key components - ideal for coaches looking to tackle these elements in the next couple of years!


with Nick Ruddock & Dan Lonsdale

A Masterclass but not as you know it! Joined by Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning Coach Dan Lonsdale too, delegates will experience a step by step journey through a gymnastics session, focusing on the individual components that contribute to physical preparation, and understanding exactly what goes into it, and how!

​We'll discuss everything from Preparation to Train, Warm Up, General Conditioning, Prehab, Strength Training and more.

​Delegates will leave the Masterclass with complete clarity on what training ingredients they need within each part of the programme 
[and why!] meaning most robust, future proofed athletes! 


with Nick Ruddock

If you get overwhelmed with all of the different drills available to use for your Floor tumbling then this Masterclass is for you! 

​At the 2024 Floor Masterclass, Nick will share his gold standard circuits and methodology for a range of acrobatic skills, including Round Off, Flick, Somersaults, Handsprings, Double Backs, Twisting and more! He'll show the exact same progressions and methods that he uses when working with some of the worlds leading gymnasts. 

Delegates will leave the Masterclass with a concise understanding of key coaching points for acrobatic development, and the exact drills required to bring the skills to fruition, at a high performance level! A great Masterclass for coaches of all levels of experience. 


with Nick Ruddock

The 2024 Vault Masterclass is a deep dive into the Yurchenko Vault, from start to finish! We'll cover each aspect of the Vault in detail, taking delegates through Running, Round Off, Board Contact, Vault Contact, Somersault and Landing.

Delegates will leave the Masterclass armed with the technique, methodology, philosophies and understanding of how to teach this important skill, with or without foam pits.

​This is a great Masterclass for any coach looking to develop their understanding of the Yurchenko, even if their gymnasts are not quite there yet. 

Our events are designed for the whole spectrum of coaching ability; the only requirement is that you care about your development – if your goal is to work with high performance athletes of any age (or you’re already working with them), then you’ll get a huge amount from a Nick Ruddock Gymnastics Masterclass



Nick is recognised as a world leading coach educator and consultant within the international gymnastics community, having provided services to 25 international federations such as the national teams of Brazil, Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany and Netherlands. Nick is also a technical expert for European Gymnastics.

​Nick's exposure to a wide range of clubs, coaches and systems across many countries and continents offers him a unique perspective on the sport, allowing him to soften the learning curve for gymnastics coaches and 'change the way they coach forever.' Nick's membership programmes and digital services currently reach coaches in over 60 countries.



Dan Lonsdale is a Strength & Conditioning coach with over a decade of experience working with athletes who have achieved success at a professional and international level. In 2019, after years of consulting in the sport of gymnastics,  'Dan Lonsdale Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning' was launched.

Dan now supports over a dozen clubs across the UK and Europe as well as providing coach education on various topics related to gymnastics strength & conditioning, and has spoken at various highly attended education events within the sport.


of delegates leave our events with
more clarity on the topic than before they arrived

Are You A Great Fit for These Events?

 You're passionate about coaching

 You're seeking opportunities to learn 

 Your progress is important to you

 You're willing to invest

You're not open to learning

You're fixed in your thinking

 Progress isn't important to you

 You're not willing to invest

These events are for coaches who truly care about their development. If travelling a couple of hours to watch a Gymnastics Masterclass and accelerate your coaching development for the cost of a couple of takeaway's doesn't excite you and seems like effort, then you might not be the best fit.

'​The more you learn, the more results you earn!'

Giving You; Lightbulb Moments!

We're aiming to change the way you coach forever; the more 'lightbulb moments' you have at our events the better, and we'll celebrate them when you do [if you want to!]

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Why Bother Attending the Event Live?

 Get up close to the action to get inspired

 Have your specific questions answered by the speakers

 Network with likeminded coaches

 Commit to a distraction free day of immersive learning

 Learn from cutting edge video analysis

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Hear From Previous Masterclass Delegates ...

It was one of the best CPD events I've been on and I'm looking forward to attending more!

Jessica Field

Everything was very well planned, organised and delivered in a professional, friendly and interactive way. Explanations of skills, drills and technical components were easy to understand and questions and feedback were invited which encouraged a more interactive engagement.

Carol Whiteley

This was an absolutely amazing learning experience, Nick is always welcome to questions, he doesn't judge at all and gives loads of information.

Ebony Baxter

Let Our Figures Do the Talking

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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need to attend? 

Absolutely none! We welcome coaches with any level of formal or informal experience. If you have a passion for learning, you're welcome to attend :)

Are these events targeting one discipline of gymnastics?

These events are delivered within the context of artistic gymnastics, with transferrable skills and concepts between Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics. We also regularly have coaches of other disciplines attend due to the transfer of knowledge available. 

Do I need to be registered to a governing body?

None whatsoever. These events are open to coaches of any affiliation [or no affiliation at all.]

Do I bring gymnasts with me?

This is a spectator event, so you'll be able to leave the spotting, coaching and sourcing of great demonstrators for the day to us!

I don't live in the UK. Can I attend?

We regularly have delegates attend from all over Europe and further afield. There are no geographical / nationality restrictions for our delegates.

Can I purchase a recording?

All delegates who attend the event [or make an advanced purchase of the recording] will receive the recording following the event, usually 3-4 weeks afterwards. This comes with lifetime access so you can catch up with the content as much as you like.

World Class Events at Affordable Pricing

⚠️ Limited Tickets Available ⚠️

Here's what's included when you attend a Nick Ruddock Masterclass in 2024:

  • Full Day Masterclass Attendance [10-5pm] 
  • ​Full Recording of the Event with Lifetime Access
  • ​Pre-Event Resources to Accelerate Learning NEW!
  • ​Post-Event Group Support [1 month] NEW!


2024 Events Bundle Available!

Secure an 'All Access Events Pass' at heavily discounted pricing:

  • Masterclass Attendance at all 4 Events  [10-5pm] 
  • ​Full Recording of the Events with Lifetime Access [Great for overseas coaches or those unable to attend!]
  • ​Pre-Event Resources to Accelerate Learning NEW!
  • ​Post-Event Group Support [1 month] NEW!
  • ​Complimentary access to our Virtual Conference 'GymCon' April 6th &7th 2024 with Full Recording and Resources [Value of £99.99]

Standard Bundle Price: £339.95

Today Just: £299.99

Instalment Payment Option Available

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The content was very clearly explained and formed a complete picture of acrobatic basic skills and combinations. Thank you for an amazing learning opportunity in a positive environment!

Inge Kort

I can only thank Nick and his team for running world-class sessions like this that are accessible to coaches like me. I gained knowledge of the close bar elements, and Nick very professionally answered and explained all my questions.

Ann Hebor

Loved the open and community approach that was provided, was a great atmosphere. ​The content was really good, I love how everything linked together rather than just showing preps.

Xanton May


Thanks for making it this far down the page. If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you're interested in what these events can offer and how they can support your coaching.

​I'm often asked about my journey as a coach, and how I found myself in national coaching roles and supporting some of the world's leading teams at such a young age.

The answer is always linked to education and mentorship.

​Having chosen to invest as much as I could in rubbing shoulders with the most experienced coaches I could find, I expedited my development and value as a coach, and the results soon followed.

​These events are an opportunity for you to make that same investment, and I hope to see you there.



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